NESSIE, the Ornate Monitor
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Varanus Ornatus

Welcome to Nessie's Home Page! Please use the top bars to navigate yourself through my web site. Included will be pics and info on not only me, but also other Ornate and Nile Monitors named Little Nessie, Spencer, and Spike.


Note the differences:
BANDS of OCELLI (yellow spots): Counting the bands from the shoulder to the hips (not where the tail begins), on ornates, there should be five, whereas on commons, there will be seven.
TONGUE COLORATION: Ornates have a pink tongue with a reddish or purple tint compared to commons with a bluish black tongue.
SHAPE OF HEAD: Ornates have a blunt, boxlike appearance compared to commons which have narrow, wedgelike shapes.
SIZE: Ornates, with their stocky, muscular build, can get to a (STL) length of 6 feet (180 cm), whereas the commons, with their slim, streamlined build, can get even longer, up to 7 feet (210 cm) in their adult life.


In these two pics, Little Nessie, an ornate, is the one above the other, Spencer, a common nile.

Notice the color of Nessie's tongue in this pic