All About Nessie

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The Story about Nessie

My name is Nessie and I am an Ornate Monitor, otherwise known as a Varanus Ornatus. My owners, Bruce and Kathy, bought me 12/22/95, when I was 4 yrs. old and weighed only 11 lbs. on a body that was 4 ft. long. I was MEAN SPIRITED because my previous owner kept me in a cage outside and stopped handling me two years prior. I like my new humans because they let me roam free in their home and backyard. I sleep under their bed and go outside thru the doggie door. The humans give me a warm tub bath when I want one. They take me places too! I share my home with dogs, cats, a cockatiel, other lizards, and these two humans. I am very photogenic and docile. I enjoy being around humans. See for yourself, check out my pics!

Wrestling with Bruce on the Mat

I love to eat rats, scrambled eggs, garden snails, shrimp, beef heart, steak, cooked pork, cooked chicken, and canned dog food. I also will eat swiss cheese and string cheese occasionally. I don't care for American cheese or hotdogs. I love to sunbath in the nude! The sun feels good. I love going to the lake, ocean, swimming pools, and the bathtub. I enjoy hunting for food in my backyard, as well as yours. I tolerate dogs and cats, unless they really bother me. If that's the case, I just slap them with my big strong tail.


Going Out In Public

Rubbing elbows with a local celebrity

The Taming of a Nile

I think the secret to my being so docile and nonaggressive is because I share my "cage" with others. My new humans have never limited my roaming to an enclosure. If I am outside and want to come in, I scratch at the sliding glass door until someone opens it, or I just come in through the doggie door on the other side of the house. I sleep under the bed, where no one else chooses to sleep, waking up when I want, and going to bed in the late afternoon. When I'm outside, I like to take naps under the rosebush.

I like to be carried around by the human, Bruce

Sharing a Kiss with Kathy at the Lake

Looking for Garden Snails to Eat